The Promise of IQudo

IQudo sounds like martial arts. And yes, there is this parallel to self-defense. To defend yourself against any competition. The ultimate goal of IQudo is self-efficacy. You might not know the future, but because you have trained your creative IQ, you feel confident to find the perfect answer for any given challenge.

The word "IQudo" is derived from "IQ" and "Judo" (Japanese: meaning "gentle way"). We gently train the creative IQ of people and organizations. IQudo = IQ + you do!

What if we reframe Creativity?

Peak performance in work and sports equally requires gallons of sweat. However, work is associated with duty, discipline, and compulsion, while sports are linked with passion, drive, and enthusiasm. We'd like to change the perception of the creative process to be an exciting and rewarding ride similar to running a marathon or climbing a mountain.

What we believe

Like in sports, creativity is a combination of skills, leadership, teamwork, and strategies to score stunning ideas. Therefore, developing new business models, services and products not only involves the creative process, but also creative skills and creative leadership.
Creativity belongs to Life. It is a primal Force. The principle of Evolution. The spark of Innovation. Creativity solves problems in a Blink. Creativity is the Answer. The answer that moves Mountains and releases Endorphins. Creativity drives People to surpass themselves. Creativity is a Sport!

Hi, I'm Robert, the founder of IQudo

Robert Gerlach, Creativity Coach, Author and Inventor of Dual Thinking.

Driven by the question “Why am I creative in one surrounding and not in another?”, I founded IQudo® in 2006. Since than I have pioneered the invention of new methodologies such as Dual Thinking and have released the book Innovator's High. To stay on top of the creativity game, I mentor theses at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology.

Prior to starting IQudo I have gained a multi-faceted view on creativity. I conceptualized TV-commercials and print campaigns in New York, Paris, and Hamburg; I created my own fashion collection in Barcelona; and I learned the art of acting in Hollywood, where I actually got some parts. Today, a perfect day to me is being able to express myself in six languages: English, German, Portuguese, Spanish, French, and dancing.