the innovator's high workshop

Who said you can't find big, fat, hairy, audacious ideas – naturally? Instead of applying standardized creativity techniques we develop ideas with the unique iQudo Coopetition method (competition and cooperation), which by the way supports the findings of the iQudo ideation survey 2015, stating that ideas are best created by inspiring co-workers.

What's more? We have created a comprehensive yet simple to use evaluation method to evaluate your ideas – the iQudo 4Rs.

the iQudo 4Rs

Target Group:

Anyone, in search of great ideas.


Our techniques and methods can be applied to any industry.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Get into the right hemisphere of your brain through associating exercises.
  • Playfully approach your challenge from a range of different perspectives.
  • Strategically define the right questions.
  • Learn how to lead a crealogue (creative + dialogue) with the iQudo Ping-Pong Shake.
  • Develop ideas with the iQudo Coopetition (Cooperation & Competition) method.
  • Evaluate your ideas with the iQudo 4Rs (Resources, Relevance, Resonance, Rock 'N' Roll).
  • propel your company forward. start here.

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