New Insights on Creativity in the Workplace

even Google did not know about.

Executives and HR managers like to ask themselves, “How do we find creative people?” But what if they are not asking the right question? Three insights on creativity in the workplace presented by Robert Gerlach at Google, Mountain View on March 7, 2017.

Robert customizes each Keynote

Keynotes can be given in English and German.

New insights on organizational creativity

  • How to cultivate creative thinking in your organization.
  • How to best manage out-of-the-box thinkers.
  • The true key to creativity in the workplace (iQudo ideation study 2015)
  • Creativity: just connecting things? What really fosters disruptive thinking.
  • New insights on individual creativity

  • How to identify a Kick-A#! idea: The 4Rs.
  • How to find inspirations during crunch time.
  • How to Karate chop writer’s block.
  • Great artists steal ideas! Really? 7 reasons why they wouldn't.
  • About Robert Gerlach

    Over the past ten years, I have searched for parameters on what drives people’s resourcefulness. I’ve lectured and mentored theses on creativity in Paris and Karlsruhe. I’ve delivered innovation workshops and seminars on creative skills and creative leadership. I’ve been to Silicon Valley and lived with Googlers, techies and entrepreneurs, and I’ve interviewed over 1,500 people in San Francisco and New York. Now, I'd love to share my stunning findings with you.

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