February 2020
Train Outside The Box

8 1/2 Ways to Train Outside the Box

Over the past 15 years, I have searched for parameters on how to think...
7th Feb 20
September 2019
Game-changing new findings about Creativity in the Workplace | IQudo Ideation Study 2016

The Top 5 Reasons for Creativity in the Workplace \\ Game-changing New Findings

   By Robert Gerlach, Creativity Coach, IQudo sport of ideas Why am I creative...
25th Sep 19
February 2019
Karl Lagerfeld

How did Karl Lagerfeld maintain his never-ending Creativity?

Last week Karl Lagerfeld, my idol died in Paris at the age of 85. The...
28th Feb 19
January 2019

Why Millennials need a different Approach to Innovation

Millennials are known for not staying in any job for long. On the positive side,...
30th Jan 19
November 2018

What drives Creativity at Work?

These days it seems every company is screaming about innovation. They say they need...
30th Nov 18
October 2018
Unicorns, Fun, Magic, Robert Gerlach

7 Reminders We all Need if We Want to Live the Life of a Creative

Early one morning at around 3 a.m. in Berlin, I met a woman in...
28th Oct 18
September 2018

who is in charge of the idea?

Have you ever asked yourself who is in charge of the idea? Or, who...
27th Sep 18
July 2018

Wie lässt sich kreatives Denken fördern?

Was tun, wenn’s nicht funkt und blitzt im Kopf? Wie lässt sich kreatives Denken in...
26th Jul 18
June 2018

why creativity is a sport!

We tend to buy into oft-cited quotes about creativity like that of Thomas Edison,...
21st Jun 18
May 2018

how to lead high-fliers

Very often, creative leaders do not possess expertise in the domain of their high-fliers....
30th May 18
April 2018

get out of loserville and discover your innate creative thinking

Do you have difficulties finding uncommon solutions? In your workplace, can you already anticipate...
29th Apr 18
March 2018
Dual Thinking

Dual Thinking kombiniert Kundenorientierung und Selbstverwirklichung im Innovationsprozess.

Leidenschaft für den Job ist laut IQudo Ideenfindungsstudie 3.0, die Ideenquelle Nummer eins am...
26th Mar 18
February 2018

Want to become creative? Change your attitude and everything else will follow.

Character traits like curiosity, flexibility, ambition, perseverance and disobedience, all favor creative thinking. As...
25th Feb 18
January 2018

Evolve from your DNA

Why looking at best practice examples might get you on the wrong track, and...
26th Jan 18
December 2017
Happy New Year 2018

have you done your mind laundry lately?

The New Year is approaching, and suddenly we reflect on what has happened all...
25th Dec 17
November 2017
Innovator's High Rocket

how to kick your resourcefulness up a notch

Everyone needs to be resourceful in their daily game. Be it entrepreneurs, designers or...
24th Nov 17
October 2017

Creator or Innovator. Who are you?

Have you ever asked yourself: “Is my work relevant to anyone out there? Is...
21st Oct 17
September 2017
Innovator's High

Bis es „klickt“ macht

Viele Entrepreneure, Manager und Ingenieure wünschen sich einen besseren Zugang zu ihrer Kreativität –...
18th Sep 17
August 2017

Top-Ten Creativity Quotes

Here are my top ten creativity quotes. I included three longer statements because of...
27th Aug 17
July 2017

Creative Animals

Personality traits of creators classified by animals. If creators and innovators could be compared to...
22nd Jul 17
June 2017

Karate Chop Writer’s Block

Why sit down in front of the keyboard and bleed? With today’s knowledge about...
30th Jun 17
May 2017

how to find your purpose instinctively

Well-cushioned or dead broke? It doesn’t matter when it comes to finding your purpose...
24th May 17
April 2017

how to identify a kick-a#! idea: the 4Rs

Every professional has an abiding interest in evaluating their ideas; after all, ideas lead...
14th Apr 17
March 2017

New Insights on Creativity in the Workplace even Google did not know about

Three insights on creativity in the workplace, presented by Robert Gerlach at Google, Mountain View on March...
10th Mar 17
February 2017

Discover an unknown secret of Steve Jobs’ ingenuity

Breakthroughs in Creativity #3 by Robert Gerlach What else can you say about the...
20th Feb 17
unknown secret to Leonardo da Vinci

Discover an unknown secret of Leonardo da Vinci in Innovator’s High

Breakthroughs in Creativity #2 by Robert Gerlach. The Renaissance brought forth many exceptional artists...
14th Feb 17
January 2017
innovator's high book_website

Innovator’s High takes off on February 15th!

Hi everyone, Innovator’s High is 19 days away from taking off. The new creativity...
27th Jan 17
December 2016
Idea, please!

how to find inspirations during crunch time?

Creative work in corporations is like going fishing, but with a gun pointed to...
23rd Dec 16
November 2016
Great Artists Never Steal Ideas

great artists never steal ideas

Robert Gerlach, creativity teacher In 1996, Steve Jobs cited Picasso, “Good artists copy; great...
11th Nov 16
October 2016

“Innovator’s High” soon ready to take off

Innovator’s High prides itself on being the first book to reframe creativity as a sport....
21st Oct 16
September 2016

sneak preview review about the upcoming book

In a few weeks the first book to position creativity as a sport will be...
28th Sep 16
August 2016

genius and madness are closely related. really?

We all possess unique gifts. But only a few of us believe in being...
21st Aug 16
July 2016

run over writer’s block

Why sit down and bleed in front of the keyboard? With today’s knowledge about...
27th Jul 16
June 2016

creativity thrives if people share the same wavelength

How can companies, whether they are small or giant, foster creativity? An exclusive interview with...
20th Jun 16
May 2016

How to best manage out-of-the-box thinkers?

Innovative companies today expect out-of-the-box thinking and on the other, they need in-the-box behavior. Opposite traits,...
26th May 16
April 2016
creativity in the workplace

creativity in the workplace

Have you ever wondered why you do not have your best ideas on the job?...
22nd Apr 16
March 2016

the true key to Leonardo Da Vinci and Steve Jobs ingenuity

Heterogeneity: combine two worlds to create a new one. By Robert Gerlach, Idea Coach, iQudo sport of ideas. Renaissance...
31st Mar 16
February 2016

how to identify the chosen one!

by Robert Gerlach, Creativity Coach, Artist, Author and Entrepreneur. If you’ve finally found an idea,...
25th Feb 16
January 2016

is your creative mind on the job withered?

11 tips on how to nurture a creative culture. By Robert Gerlach, iQudo sport of...
22nd Jan 16
December 2015
iQudo_ideation_study, New York, 04/2015

coworkers ignite creativity best in the workplace

iQudo ideation study 2015: game-changing new findings By Robert Gerlach, Creativity Coach, iQudo sport of...
23rd Dec 15
November 2015

why traveling stimulates creative thinking

Traveling stimulates creative thinking because we understand that there are a lot more possibilities...
14th Nov 15
October 2015

creativity is a sport

Creativity belongs to life. It is a primal force; the principle of evolution; the...
14th Oct 15
Tolerating Uncertainty

how to find great ideas despite grueling deadlines

Tolerating Uncertainty Creative work in corporations is like going fishing, but with a gun...
14th Oct 15