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28 Feb 2019
Karl Lagerfeld

How did Karl Lagerfeld maintain his never-ending Creativity?

Last week Karl Lagerfeld, my idol died in Paris at the age of 85. The most prolific fashion designer of the 20th and 21st centuries designed about 16 collections per year for Chanel, Fendi and his own eponymous line, KARL. Monsieur Lagerfeld’s power station ran on high voltage 365 days a year. While colleagues lapsed into irrelevance or gotten involved in drugs and scandals, Lagerfeld dominated an industry that sucks up creative artists like a black hole. So the big question […]

30 Jan 2019

Why Millennials need a different Approach to Innovation

Millennials are known for not staying in any job for long. On the positive side, Millennials are also looking for PURPOSE. Maybe Millennials quit their job more often because they can’t find purpose in their job? Therefore innovative companies could ask themselves: Is our innovation process purpose driven? Nowadays, the majority of innovative corporations indulge in the innovation approach Design Thinking. This method puts much emphasis on ‘Empathy,’ which revolves around understanding people and their behaviour in order to design human-centered products. Trying to […]

30 Nov 2018

What drives Creativity at Work?

These days it seems every company is screaming about innovation. They say they need creativity. At the same time, employees are suffering from being stressed and over-worked. For some, 80 hour weeks are not uncommon. But do all these hours at the office lead to great ideas? According to research from Harvard University, the answer is NO! Harvard’s Theresa Amabile found that under high levels of time pressure you are 45 percent less likely to come up with that creative […]

27 Sep 2018

who is in charge of the idea?

Have you ever asked yourself who is in charge of the idea? Or, who has the final word on how an idea is going to be rolled out? Here are three options: [ 1 ]  The one who is selling the idea? [ 2 ]  The supervisor of the one who came up with the idea? [ 3 ]  The one (group) who came up with the idea? ***** [ 1 ] The one selling the concept might adapt it […]

27 Aug 2017

Top-Ten Creativity Quotes

Here are my top ten creativity quotes. I included three longer statements because of their genuine truth. If you have a favorite quote on creative thinking, feel free to add it below. By Robert Gerlach 10. Once you hit the bottom, that’s when you create the best work of your life. – Meredith Graves, vocalist 9. I’m from no generation, I’m part of no group, I’m totally floating and this is the whole story and why I can survive. – Karl Lagerfeld, fashion […]

27 Jan 2017
innovator's high book_website

Innovator’s High takes off on February 15th!

Hi everyone, Innovator’s High is 19 days away from taking off. The new creativity self-help book provides new insights on business creativity, such as: the #1 reason why people have their best ideas on the job, how to transform negative feelings into creative power and why great artists never steal. What’s more? Creativity coach Robert Gerlach reveals an unknown secret behind the innovators Leonardo da Vinci and Steve Jobs, how to Karate chop writer’s block and how to eat creativity. Managers find […]