Creativity in the age of V-U-C-A

In times of V-U-C-A, where markets emerge and collapse overnight, creativity is instrumental for employees. Therefore, we have compiled the Creative Skills Training, a comprehensive program for managers, producers, engineers, and designers to better understand their own resourcefulness and to find creative solutions to any given challenge – especially during crunch time. What's more? You will embrace chaos, feel self-confident and not worry anymore about Artificial Intelligence taking over your job.


Creative Skills Fitness


Build up your Creative Muscle

In this training, you will learn the basics of creative thinking, character traits of innovators and how your body supports your mind in being resourceful. We will guide you through a step-by-step process — enabling you to come up with big ideas by yourself. Finally, you will learn why creativity is a sport and how to release the same happy hormones as athletes do.


Everyone in need of great ideas: creative workers, product managers, developers, engineers, entrepreneurs.


  • Identify and apply thought patterns of creative people.
  • Understand how exercise affects your creative mind.
  • Eat Creativity.
  • Lead a 'Crealog' (creativity + dialog) with the IQudo Ping-Pong Shake.
  • Develop ready-to-produce ideas with the IQudo Coopetition (Cooperation & Competition) method.
  • Evaluate ideas with the IQudo "4R" (Resources, Resonance, Relevance, Rock ‘n’ Roll).
  • creative-skills-emotion

    Creative Skills Emotion

    2 DAYS / 2 COACHES

    Transform Negative Feelings into Creative Solutions

    What if you could transform negative feelings into ideas? In this training, you will learn about the emotional aspects of creative thinking. You will understand how empathy and discontentment help business ideas thrive. Plus, you will learn how to dance with your thoughts, make mental u-turns and tolerate uncertainty. The skills you'll learn will dramatically improve your ability to create ideas in every aspect of your daily life.


    IQudo Creative Skills Fitness


  • Create new business ideas out of empathy or discontentment.
  • Discover how truly rewarding creativity is for your emotional health.
  • Understand why flexibility is the 'twin' of ingenuity.
  • Find out how to change perspectives effortlessly.
  • Learn to tolerate the emotional rollercoaster during the creative process.
  • Experience Innovator’s HighSM
  • creative-skills-intuition

    Creative Skills Intuition

    2 DAYS / 2 COACHES

    Discover the ZEN in Creativity

    The world is complex, volatile and ambiguous. Challenges cannot be solved by applying logical thinking alone. In addition, time is hardly ever on your side. The solution: we need to get in touch with our intuitive intelligence. This training is designed for experienced creative people - those who need to get ideas fast without letting tight deadlines cramp their style. You will learn how to produce ideas effortlessly and discover the Zen in creativity.


    IQudo Creative Skills Fitness & Emotion


  • Find out why relaxation is the 'mother' of ingenuity.
  • Get inspired intuitively - despite stress and distractions.
  • Connect with your inspirational sources through Yoga & Meditation.
  • Master the art of creative thinking under extreme time pressure.
  • Become self-confident about your creative skills.
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