Creativity belongs to life. It is a primal force. The principle of evolution. The spark of innovation. Creativity solves problems in a blink. Creativity is the answer! The answer that breaks the limits. Put simply, creativity is the Swiss Army knife of business. In this Creative Skills Training, you will find out how creativity drives you to surpass yourself, how to embrace chaos, and how to find creative solutions to any given challenge. Further more, you will discover why creativity is a sport, how you can release the same happy hormones as athletes, and how to find ideas during crunch time.

Why you should build your Creative Skills


1. We live in a fast-changing world

In times of V-U-C-A, where markets emerge and collapse overnight you need to develop new skills like uncertainty tolerance to find great ideas. A rapidly changing world needs a rapidly changing you!

The Creative Process

2. Schools don't teach creative thinking

Schools do not teach imaginative thinking. How can we generate great ideas when we do not know the creative process, nor do we know the tools, traits, habits, behaviors, and strategies of creative people?

I love AI

3. AI will take over most of the jobs

Some scientists believe that by 2030, AI can dominate any intellectual activity, except for creative thinking! We carry the most imaginative machine in the world on our shoulders. We just need to build our creative skills.


4. Time is not on our side

What to do if you are stuck for ideas, the deadline is looming, and your cortisol levels are rising? To stay relaxed under extreme time pressure, and to tap into your creative intelligence new skills are needed.
Comfort Zone

5. Comfort is the enemy of creativity

To think outside the box you have to jump outside the box! Once you have crossed the chasm to creativity, there is big gain – you will meet your inner magician who will lead you down an unknown path. Your path!

6. Feel euphoric & self-effective

Why all the hassle? Why not settle for a compromise? What is the big gain in waiting for a magic door to open – against a ticking clock? The aha!-moment! A great idea triggers you deeply and lets you feel Innovator’s High!

What you will get out of this training


Build up your Creative Muscle

In this training, you will learn the basics of creative thinking, the character traits of innovators, and how your body supports you in being resourceful. You will understand why creativity is not hard work but a sport! You will release the same happiness hormones as athletes when you finally have found an idea, which we like to call Innovator's High!


  • Identify and apply thought patterns of inventors.
  • Understand how exercise affects your creative mind.
  • Learn how the right food promotes creative thinking.
  • Lead a 'Crealog' (creativity + dialog) with the IQudo Ping-Pong Shake.
  • Develop ready-to-produce ideas with the IQudo Coopetition (Cooperation & Competition) method.
  • Evaluate ideas with the IQudo '4R' (Resources, Resonance, Relevance, Rock ‘n’ Roll).
  • Experience Innovator’s HighSM

Transform Negative Feelings into Creativity

What if you could transform negative feelings into ideas? In this training, you will learn about the emotional aspects of creative thinking. You will understand how empathy and discontentment help business ideas thrive. Plus, you will learn how to dance with your thoughts, make mental u-turns, and tolerate the psychological pressure of uncertainty.


  • Create new business ideas out of empathy or discontentment.
  • Discover how truly rewarding creativity is for your emotional health.
  • Understand why flexibility is the 'twin' of ingenuity.
  • Find out how to change perspectives effortlessly.
  • Learn to tolerate the emotional rollercoaster during the creative process.
  • Experience Innovator’s HighSM
  • Discover the ZEN in Creativity

    The world's challenges cannot be solved by applying logical thinking alone. Therefore, we need to get in touch with our intuitive intelligence. In this training, you will discover the ZEN in creativity – to get ideas effortlessly and stay calm under tight deadlines. Put your intuition in the driver’s seat and see what kind of magic will happen.


    • Find out why relaxation is the 'mother' of ingenuity.
    • Connect with your inspirational sources through Yoga & Meditation and learn how to get out of beta brain waves and switch into alpha mode.
    • Focus mindfully. Learn how to balance on the edge of attentiveness and relaxation.
    • Master the art of creative thinking under extreme time pressure.
    • Become self-confident about your creative skills.