1 Hour Keynote

Ever wondered why your best ideas simply don’t come on the job? Why is this? And why do some employees actually find their best ideas in the workplace? Get to know the research behind Dual Thinking. Creativity Coach Robert Gerlach shares his stunning findings of interviewing over 1.500 people in New York, San Francisco and Stuttgart. The author and founder of IQudo reveals how he invented DUAL THINKING, and how this new innovation approach fosters creativity at work, leads to engaged employees and happy users.

2 Days Workshop

What drives you? In this 2-days innovation workshop, we will start with your goals. Venturing into the unknown can be scary, therefore having a common vision helps to overcome obstacles and unites the team. Next, we gather information about trends, user behavior and the challenges you are facing. Having painted a big picture, we define the question we would like to ideate on. Ideation happens in small teams with the unique IQudo "Coopetition" Method. Finally, we build prototypes and evaluate them with the IQudo "4R".

3 Months Training

What’s needed to be resourceful in the workplace? In this 90-days training, you will learn the principles of “Field EngineeringSM.” You will understand what ideal surrounding employees need to find creative solutions. How to ignite passion within your employees and how to optimize inspiration among them. You will discover your personal peak creativity values and those of your peers. We will help you to identify your corporate creative identity and guide you to apply Dual Thinking in your innovation business.

Why Dual Thinking

When it comes to innovation, employee experience is as crucial as user experience. Especially millennials search for meaning first. Therefore, Dual Thinking focuses not only on empathy to understand users but as well on the wants of employees. Because, as business magnate Richard Branson believes, “Clients do not come first. Employees come first. If you take care of your employees, they will take care of the clients.”

Why IQudo

Simply because we are inventors ourselves. Founded in 2006 in Stuttgart, Germany, we have pioneered the invention of new methodologies such as Dual Thinking or Coopetition to help facilitate creative knowledge of numerous companies, such as BASF, Microsoft or SAP. // We think global. We have given creativity workshops and done research all around the world in Barcelona, Helsinki, Berlin, Seoul, New York and San Francisco.

How we work

Having 13 years of creativity training experience, we believe in sustainable solutions. We combine our 2-days Dual Thinking Workshop with three months of in-house training to help you build up an inspiring culture, and facilitate creative knowledge to leaders and employees. Better results and higher performance happen through long-term learning. Besides, it’s rewarding to go for the long run. The best ideas very often come at the very end.

What to invest

IQudo workshops are always held by two trainers. Our workshop rate is €5.000 per day. This includes preparation, working material and a copy of the book Innovator's High for each participant. The cost of the 3-months Training varies according to the complexity of the assignment and the status of the enterprise (multinational, SME, NGO or Start-Up).

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