Evolve from your DNA

Why looking at best practice examples might get you on the wrong track, and what kind of thinking would be far better to fast-forward your company and stay unique on the market.

By Robert Gerlach, Creativity Educator, Author & Founder of IQudo sport of ideas

In ourIQudo creative leadership workshops, participants sometimes ask about best-practice examples. Learning from best-practice for sure is helpful because you get inspired by the success story. But, you probably never devour enough to finally say, “Ok, I’ll get it!” As in art, there is no secret recipe for innovation. On the contrary, even opposing strategies work! Furthermore, best-practice examples might be perfectly suitable for one company, but not for another. Every company has its own culture and heritage. Looking at best practice examples is like looking at the tip of an iceberg. You see the result, but might never quite understand the source. Therefore, to stay unique in the market, develop your creative corporate identity out of your DNA, adapt it to today’s needs, and blend it with best-practice inspirations that resonate with you.

Here are nine questions to evolve from your DNA and develop new ideas (ideally worked through over the course of a three-day workshop):

1 What has made us successful? What is our DNA made of?

2 How can we help our employees to realize their potential?

3 How can we open up our identity to adapt to the changing times while staying true to ourselves?

4 What is our new Creative Corporate Identity called?


5 What are the changes the world is facing?

6 What are the challenges our company is facing?

7 Which assumptions about the world are not true anymore?

8 Which assumptions about people are not true anymore?

How could we adapt your product/service/business model?


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