Have you done your Mind Laundry lately?

2021 is approaching, and suddenly we reflect on what has happened all year long, like the good moments, the bad, and the ugly ones. I am not talking about the Coronavirus. I’m talking about personal experiences with colleagues, friends, and family who can hurt us the most.

But letting go of bad experiences isn’t that easy because the past comes back to haunt us! Or, as a friend of mine once said, “Emotional sh** sucks the life out of you!” The IQudo Mind Laundry exercise helps you to get rid of those negative experiences. If you do the Mind Laundry on a regular basis, it nourishes, revitalizes, and regenerates your mind, making it silky soft.

By Robert Gerlach, Creativity Educator & Author

The Mind Laundry exercise

The Mind Laundry exercise enables you to discover what has been lying dormant in hidden corners of your subconscious. It helps you to get rid of the annoying little no-neck monsters that suck the life out of you, and cleanses the emotional stains in your mind that paralyze you. The Mind Laundry goes through six washing stages (full laundry: 45 min. / fast laundry: 29 min.)

For deep-down purity and for first-timers I recommend the full wash. Don’t worry, there are no right or wrong answers – just solutions for growth and discovery. Make yourself comfortable, turn off all disturbing noises, settle into a self-reflective mode, and have a pen, paper, and timer ready.


Sort laundry. Become aware of what is unsolved. What makes you sad? What is haunting/worrying you/driving you crazy? Write down three to five topics using keywords.
Full laundry: 5 min. / Fast laundry: 3 min.


Load laundry. Pick the topic that resonates the most with you. (For first-timers it’s better to select a small challenge.) If two or three topics are related to each other, combine them.


Prewash. Describe the situation. What exactly is unsolved? Why are you unhappy/angry/sad? Who is involved? How do you feel? What would you like to achieve? What does your heart want? Try as well to understand the other one and switch your perspective. Don’t think too hard, just respond.
Full laundry: 15 min. / Fast: 10 min.


Rinse hold. Whenever you feel stuck, put a rinse hold on. Sit back and relax or get up and get a coffee. Just do what makes you feel good. This way you will let your subconsciousness do the work.


Main wash. Think of the positive experiences you have had previously in similar situations. Or, think of friends/role models who have gone through similar challenges and have mastered them. What did they do? Write it down using keywords. What conclusions can you draw from your previous experiences or from those of your friends/role models? To whom could you turn for advice? (The idea is to U-turn your downward spiral into a positive one.)
Full laundry: 15 min.
/ Fast: 10 min.


Rinse. Get clear. What attitude did you have that made you succeed in previous situations? What attitude do your friends or role models possess? What’s the secret to their success? What kind of core values can you identify? Write them down.
Full laundry: 5 min. / Fast: 3 min.


Spin. Connect your findings with each other. What can you learn from it? What should you do now?

Could there be another solution?
Full laundry: 5 min. / Fast: 3 min.


I’m wishing you all an emotionally healthy, energetic, and creative 2021.


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