Innovator’s High soon ready to take off!

Innovator’s High prides itself on being the first book to reframe creativity as a sport.


To creativity coach, Robert Gerlach’s teaching isn’t about explaining creativity techniques. Scoring ideas — like in sports — is a combination of skills, mental strength, teamwork, and most of all, the surprising element of the game itself – the chaotic creative process.

In his upcoming book, Robert will share his biggest insights on creativity, like the #1 reason why people have their best ideas on the joban unknown secret behind the innovator’s Leonardo da Vinci and Steve Jobs, how “coopetition” accelerates your talent development, how to withstand fast decision-making and tolerate uncertainty, why Mozart’s genius wouldn’t reach a high note in today’s open-plan officeshow to eat creativityhow to transform negative feelings into creative power, why permissiveness – and not a creative space – stimulates the mind, how to Karate chop writer’s block and why great artists never steal!

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