Innovator’s High takes off on February 15th!

Hi everyone,

Innovator’s High is 19 days away from taking off.

My new creativity self-help book provides new insights on business creativity, such as the #1 reason why people have their best ideas on the job, how to transform negative feelings into creative power and why great artists never steal.


What’s more? Creativity coach Robert Gerlach reveals an unknown secret behind the innovators Leonardo da Vinci and Steve Jobs, how to Karate chop writer’s block, and how to eat creativity. Managers find plenty of helpful inspirations on fostering an inspiring culture, such as: why investing in stylish furniture won’t necessarily increase resourcefulness and what actually will or how to support out-of-the-box thinkers to deliver creative excellence.

Innovator’s High comes with over 40 colored infographics and illustrations, several paradigm shifts, countless examples, and 96 tips to help you build your creative muscle, cope with tight deadlines and feel Innovator’s High. This jam-packed guide is for anyone creative, everyone who thinks they are not creative, and especially supervisors who need to manage and motivate creative people.

Pre-order your copy on innovatorshigh.com


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