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“In a few weeks, my first book to position creativity as a sport will be released. Some of my friends have already had the chance to catch a glance. Here is what Christine Armishaw, an entrepreneur from New Zealand, and Jim Docktor, a learning designer from San Francisco have to say about the how-to book:

“Stuck for ideas? Deadline looming? Boss on your case? …if you need some real help to get some great ideas, then this is a book that will actually help! Thinking of great ideas and being creative is actually easier than you think if you take a more ‘left-field’ approach. Robert gives real-life examples of how to build your own creativity, get better ideas, and best of all, reasons why his techniques work.

For anyone in an industry that requires fresh ideas and creative genius of any kind, this book will guide you on how to unlock your creative potential and keep it flowing, even when deadlines are coming up fast. Focusing on both mental and physical influences, such as where you are based eg in an office or outside; what you have surrounding you eg blank walls or pictures; and even what you eat and how different foods can impact creativity.

A hands-on, fun, and actionable look at how to be more creative and get better ideas, that you can actually take on board and put to use straight away. A must-read.”

Christine Armishaw, entrepreneur, New Zealand

“Robert does an amazing job of reframing creativity as the sport of ideas. His use of stories tied in with compelling examples walks you through aspects of creativity brilliantly. You won’t have any other choice but to unlock how you think of it and apply it to what is important to you.

This is a great read for artists, anyone creative, everyone who thinks they are not creative, employees, and especially managers. Innovator’s High is infectious and elevates you to a place you may not have been before. Don’t be scared, embrace it, and once you are there – stay there. Read it, believe it, and experience Innovator’s High!”

– Jim Docktor, learning designer, San Francisco

If you would like to dig deeper into creativity, have a look at Innovator’s High. This how-to guide helps you to better manage out-of-the-box thinkers.

Innovator's High Book

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