Why Millennials need a different approach to innovation


Millennials are known for not staying in a job as long as former generations did. On the positive side, Millennials place more emphasis on collaboration, are tech-savvy, crave creative solutions and, above all, are looking for purpose. Maybe Millennials quit their job more often because they can’t find purpose in their job?

One question therefore innovative companies could ask themselves is: What about our innovation process? Is it purpose-driven?

Nowadays, the majority of innovative corporations indulge in the innovation approach Design Thinking. This method puts much emphasis on ‘Empathy,’ which revolves around understanding people and their behavior in order to design human-centered products. Trying to understand customer’s needs is wonderful, but what about the wants and needs of the next generation of inventors – the Millennials? Altruistically devoting oneself to sensing customer’s needs is noble, but ignores the importance of the needs of the employees.

Employee experience is as crucial as user experience

Today, employee experience is as crucial as user experience. Unlike former generations, millennials search for meaning. Especially when it comes to innovation, meaning and passion are driving forces. According to the IQudo Ideation Study 2016, passion is the No. 1 reason for finding the best ideas on the job. Therefore, the new IQudo Dual Thinking Innovation Process focuses on empathy AND passion to not only please users but as well the Millennials who find their needs met and are therefore more likely to stay longer in their job.

Dual Thinking – a new approach to innovation

The 7 phases of Dual Thinking



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