What if we reframe Creativity?

We'd like to change the perception of the creative process to be an exciting and rewarding ride similar to running a marathon or climbing a mountain. Peak performance in work and sports equally requires gallons of sweat. However, work is associated with duty, discipline and compulsion, while sports are linked with passion, drive and enthusiasm.

The goal of the sport of ideas is to score ideas that are novel and useful which, in a time where markets emerge and collapse overnight and globalization increases competition, is crucial for mind workers. The analogy between sports and goal-oriented creativity can be applied on various levels. A small problem is a sprint, while inventing a new product can be compared to a marathon.

Our Mission

IQudo equals IQ + you do! The word "IQudo" is derived from: "IQ" and "Judo" (Japanese: meaning "gentle way"). Our mission is to gently train the creative intelligence of people and organizations.

Robert Gerlach

Creativity Coach, Founder of IQudo, Author and Inventor of Dual Thinking.

Robert is the first to reframe creativity as a sport. The creativity coach founded IQudo® – sport of ideas in 2006 because he believes that everyone is a creative athlete. To Robert teaching business creativity is holistic. Developing creative solutions involves creative skills, creative leadership and most of all the creative process. Like in sports, creativity is a combination of mental and emotional skills, leadership and teamwork, as well as techniques and strategies to score great ideas.

Over 13 years Robert has pioneered the invention of new methodologies such as Dual Thinking and has released the book Innovator's High. To stay on top of the creativity game, Robert mentors theses at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology

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