Dual Thinking

Dual Thinking is a research-based new approach to innovation developed by IQudo. This new innovation process integrates the passion of the developer, the needs and wants of users, and the possibilities of technology to find creative solutions.


Creative Skills I-III

Learn how to find ideas during crunch time, how to transform negative feelings into creative solutions, and how to use your intuitive intelligence to find the right idea. In each training, we will guide you through a step-by-step process — enabling you to come up with big ideas by yourself.


Creative Leadership I-II

Ever wondered why your best ideas simply don’t come on the job? Why is this? And, what’s needed to be resourceful in the workplace? Understand what ideal surrounding creative people need to deliver peak performances. Learn how to optimize inspiration among co-workers, and how to manage out-of-the-box thinkers.


Creative Master

In the Creative Master Training you will get a thorough understanding of Dual Thinking, discover the emotional and intuitive aspect of creative intelligence and understand how to establish an inspiring culture. You will learn how to lead innovation workshops, how to effectively evaluate an idea and how to educate others in creative thinking.