1. creative skills

In the Creative Skills Training I-III, you will discover the multi-faceted influences of business creativity, such as >> how to find ideas during crunch time >> how to lead a crealogue in small teams >> how to transform negative feelings into creative power >> or, how to get in touch with your intuitive intelligence. Finally, you will: >> discover why creativity is a sport and how to eat creativity.

2. creative leadership

In the Creative Leadership Training I-II, you will learn >> how to set-up and foster an inspiring culture >> how to decode the intrinsic motivation of creative people >> how to manage out-of-the-box thinkers, and >> how to identify your corporate creative identity. Finally, you will: >> develop an action plan to implement the learning in your organization.

3. creative master

In the Creative Master Training, >> you will get a thorough understanding of business creativity. >> You will discover the cognitive, emotional and intuitive aspect of creative intelligence >> understand how to establish an inspiring culture >> learn how to lead innovation workshops >> and educate others in creative thinking.