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Why We Need a New Approach to Innovation

Today, employee experience is as crucial as user experience. Unlike former generations, millennials search for meaning. Especially when it comes to innovation, meaning and passion are driving forces. Therefore, the new IQudo® Dual Thinking Innovation Process focuses on empathy AND passion to not only please users but as well the guys who do the hard work.

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Top 5 Reasons for Creativity in the Workplace

Game-changing new findings of the IQudo Ideation Study 3.0

What if the interior design and time are overrated when it comes to creative thinking in the workplace? What if the true key to thriving creativity on the job is something entirely else?

Want to know the top 5 reasons for people to be creative on the job?

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How to find Ideas during Crunch Time

Innovator's High provides new insights on creativity.

Robert's new book Innovator's High provides new insights on business creativity, such as how to transform negative feelings into creative power, how to eat creativity, how to jump over writer's block, and why creativity is a sport.

Want to know how to build your creative muscle?

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